Simple, pratical and FREE.
Change your life by controlling your finances!

Fluca is a free online financial manager to help thousands of people control their spending. Have complete control over your finances, easily see your balance forecast for the coming months through a timeline. A simple, practical and fast cash flow!

gerenciador financeiro

Many resources for effective control

Totally responsive

Our system suits your screen, be it on a computer, tablet or cell phone.


Simple, intuitive and functional environment for a better experience in financial control.


All data is encrypted in the database, and your information will be secure in an HTTPS environment.


Fluca is used and approved by thousands of users. Managing personal and small business finances.


Analyze the graphs of your income and expenses. See quickly which month is the most critical and the most relieved.


Over time, you learn to re-educate yourself financially. Financial education can change your life!

Plans and Prices

Below are our plans and prices for using the system. Our goal will always be to offer the best service to our customers for the lowest possible cost.

Free Account
$ 0.00 /month
  • You can use fluca for free with limited resources for as long as you like!
Premium Account (Quarterly)
$ 2.33 /month
  • You can use 3 months of Fluca with Premium access for only $6.99
Premium Account (Annual)
$ 1.49 /month
  • You can use 12 months of Fluca with Premium access for only $17.99

Why sign Premium account?

Free Premium
Unlimited records
Number of concurrent pending records allowed 200 Unlimited
Cadastro de clientes e fornecedores 3 Unlimited
Number of concurrent reminders allowed 3 Unlimited
Create expense and income categories
Expense and income graph
Projected account balance
Payable and Receivables Bills Report
Display deadline with positive balance
Control multiple bank accounts
Create spending goals Only current month
Add color into categories
Credit Card Management
E-mail alerts
Export records
Delete old records
Multiple users to manage the account
Priority System Update

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